Elisa Cano

Abelardo Favela paints with so much joy, poetry and beauty, it gives one a sense of complete amazement, along with his very  subtle sense of humor. His work is crisp, and not so much for himself as for the viewer.

The precise moment in time where he stops is quite appealing. The characters in his paintings project a state of calmness and joyful peacefulness. They become observers in their own right. He apparently takes elements from everyday life, only to discover that they are there to make a serious statement, “La barca verde” the green boat drifting from the deck while others wave good bye. When I visited his studio his work made me think of Degas, as it is narrative, almost cinematographic, gives one a cheerful volatile alert sense of peace only to be followed by a presence of Chagall. Well fed roosters and well care for dogs. Dogs that are lively characters, with their tails raised, playing important role. There is a musical, architectonic, restless aura around Abelardo´s entire work; it dares you stop looking.

He is an artist who has an inner innocence, his paintings are big, open luminous work, with an imperceptible unity building one with the other.

They have no nationality, one does not worry about their geographic origin, the women could be Scandinavian “manolas”; the nudes reflect liberty and delirious lightness. Dancers, sailors, violinists all integrate in an exceptional masterpiece.

Elisa Cano, Cuernavaca 2003.